About Rover's Place

We’re proud of Rover’s Place because it’s our mission to make sure your dog loves it here. Whether it’s a day, a week or a month, our staff is totally focused on making sure every dog here is happy as a clam!

We know your dog’s name by heart!
We know his or her personality and what her habits are. Medical requirements or special foods? We’re on it!
Cage-free Playtime?  
Plenty of it and it’s always free (unlike many other kennels!). We carefully match dogs of similar temperament, so there’s romping without any uproar. And a Rover's Place Counselor is always supervising (and having fun, too!)
A word about nuts and bolts: we are a true state-of-the-art facility.
We have the most advanced air filtration system to filter out nasty invisible particles, to keep kennel cough and dog flu at bay. Only love is in the air!
Yes, we are clean freaks!
A happy kennel is a clean kennel so we’re always mopping, polishing, tidying, and ever-alert to the occasional “accident”.

What makes Rover’s Place the Happiest Kennel on Earth?

  • Playtime is always free.
  • An atmosphere of positive encouragement.
  • Both indoor and outdoor play areas.
  • Spotless cages and play areas.
  • All play is supervised by trained Rover’s Counselors.
  • Dogs grouped by size and personality.
  • Highest staff to dogs ratio; everyone is a dog lover.
  • Careful attention to special diets and medications.
  • The Zen Den, a quiet space for dogs who are nervous or anxious.
  • Soothing nighttime classical music.
  • Flexible pick up and drop off at your convenience.
  • We are family owned and operated. Not a franchise or outpost. We’ll greet you personally.
  • State Of the Art Ventilation System. Super clean air greatly reduces the chances for dog flu and kennel cough.
  • More space, more play areas, more fun!
  • Advanced 24/7  monitoring---click in and check things out!
  • Easy access to the Edens Expressway.
  • The best new kennel space on the North Shore!

Come in, have a look around

We’ll tell you about free baths, outdoor play and introduce you to our dog-loving  staff. And you’ll meet one of us. We are proudly a family owned and operated business.
Ray Schuler, Proprietor
“I say, Rascal, Rover's Place! He's one happy dog!”
Lisa - Wilmette